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Rewarding Communism to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ

By: Devvy

December 10, 2009

It's Christmas time and once again, tens of millions of Americans will spend tens of billions of dollars buying junk from India and communist countries like China. All to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Millions of dollars will be spent on clothing items made in India. Americans are employing millions of people in India to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, while roughly 15.7 MILLION Americans have no job. While 37.2 million Americans are on food stamps. Think about it.

Let me give it to you straight as to just what Americans are supporting when they buy products made in communist countries like China.

The 'Cold War' was about stopping the spread of communism. How many died in that "war"? How many died trying to escape East Germany (Soviet sector of Berlin) by going over the wall, only to be shot in the back?

How many humans were killed and died horrible deaths to keep communism in place as a system of brutal governments under dictators like Mao, Stalin and Lenin? 110 MILLION

How many Americans died in the Korean war to stop communism from spreading? 54,246 Americans were killed and 103,284 injured at a cost to our treasury of $50 BILLION dollars. Today, South Korea trades with Communist North Korea while the toxic, insane political games continue.What about POWs: "Of the 7,190 who were captured (mostly in the first nine months of the war), approximately 3000 died in captivity, a mortality of 43%, largely of starvation over a six month period (Nov 1950- April 1951)."

How many Americans died in the Viet Nam war to stop the proliferation of communism? 58,159 killed. 303.685 injured. The average age was 23.11 years dead. 2,255 missing or unaccounted for at the end. You can thank Sens. John Kerry and John McCain for their disgraceful actions in killing efforts made to bring home our own. Today, Viet Nam is a communist country. McCain and Kerry also led the way to "normalize" trade with commie Viet Nam.

Do you know the Chinese government monitors female workers menstrual cycles to keep track of pregnancies?

Do you know the Chinese government forces the murder of unborn babies right up to full term under their one child policy? Witnesses who have escaped report forced sterilization of women.

Do you know Chinese "business" men skin dogs and cats alive? The fur is woven into sweaters, parkas and doll clothes and sold illegally here in the U.S. In collusion with other morally bankrupt, Godless "businessmen" in other countries, the practice is done through deceit and these putrid garments go on store shelves. Here, go ahead and watch the video. I cried for two days.

This is what Americans condone and support when they spend their consumer dollars on Made in Communist China.

How many toys have been shipped to this country by the commies that are tainted with lead or dangerous chemicals?

Toys linked to a date-rape drug recalled. WASHINGTON - "A mother said Thursday she knew something was terribly wrong when her 20-month-old son began to stumble and started vomiting. He had just ingested a popular toy that contains a chemical that turns into a powerful “date rape” drug when eaten. It was the latest Chinese-made toy pulled from shelves in North America." How does a date rape drug get "accidentally" onto items in a children's toy factory? Or, lead paint:

As More Toys Are Recalled, Trail Ends in China. WASHINGTON, June 18 — "China manufactured every one of the 24 kinds of toys recalled for safety reasons in the United States so far this year, including the enormously popular Thomas & Friends wooden train sets, a record that is causing alarm among consumer advocates, parents and regulators.

"The latest recall, announced last week, involves 1.5 million Thomas & Friends trains and rail components — about 4 percent of all those sold in the United States over the last two years by RC2 Corporation of Oak Brook, Ill. The toys were coated at a factory in China with lead paint, which can damage brain cells, especially in children. < style="font-family: georgia;">"Just in the last month, a ghoulish fake eyeball toy made in China was recalled after it was found to be filled with kerosene. Sets of toy drums and a toy bear were also recalled because of lead paint, and an infant wrist rattle was recalled because of a choking hazard."

Will your child be a victim this year?

The communist Chinese government celebrated the attacks on September 11, 2001, by producing a state video that reveled in the spilled blood and deaths. Made in America is too expensive

Baloney. I do it all the time and have since the unconstitutional NAFTA was signed into law some 15 years ago. There is a difference between need and want. There are things I want, but I refuse to buy them if it means selling out my country. I haven't owned a toaster since 1996 because I can't find one Made in America and I will NOT buy one made in Communist China.

I just purchased an item on line for a dear friend. A beautiful sweatshirt made in Pennsylvania: $28.50. Go to Macy's or Dillard's and see the same style and colors made in Communist China and it will be the same price or more. I have price compared women's clothing and many times the import is more expensive than the Made in America item. Except for China Mart (Wal-Mart) where virtually nothing is sold that is made by American workers. Wal-Mart supports communism.

Communist China is not our friend and every time you spend your consumer dollars on products made in China, you continue to fund our own economic destruction. Harsh as that sounds, that is the bottom line. The more we buy Made in America, the more competitive prices will become and we will create jobs. The more jobs created, the more factories will be reopened. Companies that sold us out will eventually return to manufacturing here in America because their products made in foreign countries don't sell. A tough transition, but we are talking about the long term survival of this republic. For our children's future and their children.

NAFTA cost America almost 2.3 MILLION good paying textile jobs. Only you and I as consumers can bring them back home by using the power of our purse.

In 2008, Americans spent $360 billion dollars during the Christmas season. Keep that money home this year. Create jobs through growth by spending Made in the good old US of A.

Does it make any sense to cash your unemployment check to buy Christmas gifts that employ people in other countries? Why, you're firing yourself! Think about it.

If you can't find it in a store in your area, please go to the Made in USA section on my web site. I have purchased from this list more in the past several years than I have from stores. It does take a little extra time, but in my mind, it is worth it. I invest in America. My America.

My husband has a grand daughter who will be two in a couple of weeks. He buys toys made in America; see this site.

Invest in America by purchasing toys that are safe and fun.

Do children really "need" violent video games, dolls who are "pole dancing" and other trash? I give my nieces and nephew memories. Tickets for the zoo, museums, the aquarium and other activities and attractions in their home town areas. My gift to them every year is a family affair they will remember. Not some junk toy made by our enemies that will end up broken on the floor in a few weeks. I also give books. Children who read succeed.

I know things are very difficult for millions of families this year. Might I recommend combining and just give one gift to mom and dad (or the grandparents) from all the kids? Share the cost. Maybe they need a new coffee maker. BUNN makes the best; I love mine. "Today BUNN continues to design and manufacture innovations in commercial beverage equipment and home coffee brewers from its headquarters in Springfield, Illinois."

This year I hope we all can remember to respect the dignity of our family members if things are financially tough. Remember the reason for the season and tailor things down. You know what I mean.

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(Note: Please don't send me email about December 25, 2009 and the real birth date of Jesus. Every year I get a thousand of them; I know all the arguments and respect your opinion. However, it is the date America celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you.)

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

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